David Dommisse
Conference Treasurer and
Business Administrator
Phone: (804) 521-1109
E-mail: DavidDommisse@vaumc.org

Carol Draper
Staff Accountant
Phone: (804) 521-1105
E-mail: CarolDraper@vaumc.org 

Janet Davis
Accounts Payable and
Equitable Compensation
Phone: (804) 521-1107
E-mail: JanetDavis@vaumc.org 

Kate Potts
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (804) 521-1108

Tina Gudgel
Staff Accountant
Phone: (804) 521-1104

Marian Loving
Phone: (804) 521-1100
E-mail: MarianLoving@vaumc.org 


What is the Treasurer's and Business office?
The Treasurer’s and Business office is responsible for accounting for all financial transactions for the Virginia Conference. One of the most important responsibilities of the office is to serve as a conduit for all Virginia Conference churches, channeling their funds to support ministries beyond the local church and into their chosen ministries in the conference, the United States and in more than 150 additional countries throughout the world. Additionally, the Business office staff serves as a resource to the churches and centers of the Virginia Conference providing support and training.

Mark your calendars for these important dates!
Jan 31st - Final date to issue W2s to employees/clergy
Jan 31st - Final date for 1099-MISC to be issued to all contractors (paid to any contractor you paid $600 or more to in 2017)
Jan 31st - Final date VA-6 and W2s due to the VA Department of Taxation
Jan 31st - Final date W2s/W3s and 1099s/1096s are due to the Social Security Administration
Go to www.irs.gov or call 1-800-829-3676 to order your W2/W3 and 1099/1096 forms now. They are free!

A Note from the Treasurer:
Thank you for your financial support of apportionments and benevolent gifts in 2017.  As a connectional church, these funds unite us with brothers and sisters throughout the world to make disciples of Christ.  In 2017, we collected 89.8% of the budget approved by the Annual Conference!  This was a 2.76% increase over what we collected in 2016.  We truly appreciate the exceptional efforts to fulfill your apportionments in the name of God's service.  This year, over 850 churches will be recognized in the Advocate for paying 100% or more of apportionments!



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